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Scalable Server - Documentation completion

We are pleased to announce that the Scalable Server’s documentation has been reworked and the Request Reference is complete. Several errors and mistakes have been corrected, and all messages and fields now have a description with a fancy formatting. Request names are clickable links and will bring you to the request’s description, for faster and easier browsing.

Be sure that we will keep making efforts to provide you with the best documentation.


Unity SDK 4.2.0: iPhone X...

We added layout helpers for your user interface to the SDK 4.2.0. They automatically take into account the Safe Area and help you design interfaces compatible with non-rectangular screens (like the iPhone X).


The Lobby

A new article about the Lobby will give you all details about building a successful lobby for online gaming. A must read! Typical Lobby

Getting Started reorganization

We re-organized a little bit the introduction pages: the Getting Started page is now a simple check-list to get on-board, and the previous content was split in several pages under a new “Guidelines” category. This will make things easier to read and browse. Enjoy!

Getting Started article

We wrote a new article that starting developers should find useful: Getting Started the Right Way. It gives some key advises about design and technical choices that need to be done at the beginning of a project. A must-read!

Unity SDK version 1.3.0

Here is version 1.3.0 of the Unity SDK, and it’s a big one ! We have a lot of new features for cross-promotion !


About OAuth 2 Refresh Tokens

Following the requests of several developers, we wrote a new section in the REST API documentation that describes in details how to use OAuth 2 Refresh Tokens to renew an app Access Token. There are also some advises about what to store and how. Make sure you read the documentation of the Refresh Tokens end-point.

The Asmodee Digital team

PlayReal is the new name!

Playground now bears a new name: PlayReal! The “Playground” name, which was an internal code name during the past years, could not be kept for legal and copyright reasons. Therefore, after a lot of brainstorming, it was decided to rename it into PlayReal.


Steam Login

The Steam login is now fully operational and in production. This allows your Steam app to delegate the authentication of the account to Steam, thus allowing a completely seamless login of the user.

Unity SDK

Great news, the latest version of our Unity SDK is available, along with a fully detailed documentation! Check out the Scalable Server Unity SDK page for all details!

New end-point: reset password

We released a new end-point: /user/me/password. This end-point, with the method DELETE, allows your app to send an email to the user, so she can reset the password of her account.


New end-point: showcase

We released a new end-point: /showcase. This end-point will allow your app to display cross-promotion items in a “More Games” section. It contains a list of apps, board games, videos, etc. that are part of the platform.