Splash Screen & Asmodee Digital Logo

When using the Asmodee Digital logo, you need to keep a “protection zone” around the logo as explained here:

Asmodee Digital Logo

You can download the various versions of the Asmodee Digital logo from here:

Splash Screen

If there are from one to three logos, place them equally spaced at the center of the screen:

Two Logos

With three logos:

Two Logos

Above three logos, place them on two screens. The first one with the Asmodee Digital logo, and the second one with the other logos.

In portrait mode, use a similar layout, but vertically: but the logos one on top of the other, with the Asmodee Digital one in the middle in the case of three logos.

Black Background

Here is an example of a black splash screen with color logos:

Color logos on black screen

If the other logos are white, use the white version of the Asmodee Digital logo:

White logos on black screen