You probably wonder: “What’s up with the platform name? Did it change AGAIN?”

Well - yes it just did. Again. “Playground”, “PlayReal”, “Gamify Digital”… and now “”. What is going on?

The answer is very simple: legal issues in the US. We have looked for a catchy name for our platform and technology during the past 12 months, and after careful legal researches and verifications, chose “PlayReal”. Then a legal issue came up after we switched. Then the same story repeated itself again with “Gamify Digital” (for a different legal reason, though). It seems it is more and more difficult to secure a brand name nowadays, especially in the US.

So because we need our developers to stabilize on a secured url, we decided to switch to “”. At least, we know we own this one, and will do so for a very long time going forward and remain protected from legal “trolls”.

Please be assured that the old urls still work, including in TLS mode. So your apps won’t break. Simply switch to the new domain name when you have the opportunity to do so. The switch should be transparent, including to perform Certificate Pinning.

We apologize for the constant changes, the confusion and the extra work that they created, and we look forward to seeing the awesome games that you are going to develop on the platform.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Asmodee Digital team