Hello ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to introduce the new SDK 2.0.0!

Get the Asmodee.net Unity SDK 2.0.0.

You will find the install procedure on the Getting Started page, and the migration procedure on the Migration page.

Many things were changed, but don’t expect new features, what we did here is mainly a great clean-up that will allow us to fix issues you’ve sent requests for, along with a few fixes.

In the new Unity SDK FAQ, we explain in greater details why the sudden change in version number and what changed.

You can find the change log on the Changelog page.

We definitely recommend moving to this version, as it will make update of external dependencies way easier, but make sure to back up your previous data, so you won’t lose anything during the migration.

For any request or question or comment, please send us an e-mail at support-dev@asmodee.net

The Asmodee Digital team