Getting Started with

  1. If you are a new studio, please contact us at in order to receive your credentials and access to your space in the back-office (called the “Studio Manager”). We will need:
    • Studio name
    • Company name
    • Full physical address
    • Business contact name, e-mail, and phone
    • Technical contact name, e-mail, phone
    • List of accounts (including yours!) that will be managers or developers of the studio
  2. Read the guides (this website), the REST API , the Unity SDK, and the Scalable Server.
  3. In the Studio Manager, add your game using the Games page.
  4. In the Studio Manager, create one app per device/platform, using the Apps page.
  5. Read the tutorial in the REST API to perform your first queries to the API using your app(s) access key(s), and get a feeling of instant gratification.
  6. If Online Gaming is required, read the Scalable Server documentation in details and ALL guides related to Online Gaming, especially the one about recommendations. Then contact us at and request the creation of a Scalable Server instance.
  7. Apply and follow the Best practices.
  8. Stay up-to-date! Sign-up on our Google group and stay tuned to our blog.

In all these steps, we will help and support you in order to give the power to interact with the platform smoothly and at your pace; but be sure to understand the design choices and how they fit with your needs by reading all the documents.