The new SDK 4.0.0 is coming out!


This update aims at providing applicative content to the player.

  • Authentication: we provide a fully integrated login workflow
  • Cross Promo: packaged in lighter prefabs the Cross Promo follows a new instantiation workflow
  • Community Hub: first building blocks for high level user-centered features
  • Localization: we share our internal solution
  • Responsive UI: we provide helpers to help you design an interface that works well for most devices
  • UI Navigation: we lay the foundation for designing an interface accessible by various kinds of input controllers.
  • Alert Controller: yet another standard Yes/No panel

Usual recommendations

If you wish to upgrade your project from an old 3.x version, please follow the instructions here: Migration page.

And if you want to start a project from scratch, you can Get Started here.

For any request or question or comment, please send us an e-mail at

The Asmodee Digital team