Hello everyone,
We are proud to announe the release of the new SDK 3.0.0!
Get the Asmodee.net Unity SDK 3.0.0

In this new package, everything has been made to simplify the use of the RestAPI.

  • You now have access to all the available endpoints with built-in classes,
  • a new service, the OAuthGate, handles the public and private authentication for you.

Other features such as the first step for a customisable community hub, and several fixes, are also part of this release.

For a list of complete and detailed changes, please visit the Changelog page.

We highly recommand you to update your project to this version, or at least to use it for any new project you would start.

If you wish to upgrade your project, please follow the instruction here: Migration page. Please note that there are breaking changes, so don’t forget to make a back up so you won’t lose anything during the migration.
And if you want to start a project from scratch, you may want to read this article : Getting Started page

For any request or question or comment, please send us an e-mail at support-dev@asmodee.net

The Asmodee Digital team