Iconography Recommendations

It is important that Asmodee.net apps provide a consistent user experience, so that players find their way around easily when discovering a new game.

An important factor in this area is the Iconography, i.e. the set of icons and symbols that are used in the User Interface (UI) for buttons, items, icons, etc.

The following guide describes a list of icons that we recommend. As you will see, they are pretty neutral and abstract (black and white outlines). This is done on purpose. You are expected to adapt them to the look-and-feel of your game.


  Abstract icon      »      Actual icon in game
More Games button: More Games
Ranking: Ranking
Immediate Bot Hot-Swap (on/off): Bot Hot-Swap
Playing a Solo game: Solo Game
Playing a Local game using Wifi or BlueTooth: Local Game
Playing an Online game: Online Game

Icons Sheet

Here is the complete list of icons with their names or contexts. Most of these belong to the “out-of-game” area, i.e. the part of the app that is not the game core but everything that goes around it: setting up a game, dealing with other players, managing Achievements and Leaderboards, choosing the app settings, etc. Click on the image for a full size view.

Icons Sheet

You can download these icons as individual files:

Asmodee.net icon

You can use the following design if you need an icon to represent the Asmodee.net account of a user or if you need a button, for example to log in using the platform single sign-on (SSO):

Asmodee.net colored icon Download all versions (EPS, SVG and PNG)