Welcome to the Asmodee.net documentation

What is Asmodee.net?

Asmodee.net is a platform of services that Asmodee Digital provides to its partners to make their apps successful.

  • Some of these services are business-related, like access to the special relationships that Asmodee Digital has built over the past years with the various distribution stores: the App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon Store or the Steam Store. Or publishing under the Asmodee labels so that apps benefit from cross-sales. Etc.
  • Some of these services are related to our special partnerships with key technology or service providers. We have a recommended list of best-of-breed partners we work with. Some of them are even required to qualify for publishing under Asmodee.net, like integrating the Amplitude analytics solution.
  • Some of these services come from the expertise that we have built over the years by self-publishing digital games under the Fantasy Flight Games or the Days of Wonder brands. For example, with 10+ years of online gaming with Ticket to Ride, we learned a few things about turn-based multiplayer gaming that might be of interest for other apps. We also have experience in game design, user interfaces or Premium business models.
  • Last but not least, some of these services are provided through our own technology. We have developed technologies for games like Ticket to Ride or Small World, and we are opening these to other apps to help them implement advanced features. More games are being developed by Asmodee Digital or by selected partners.

This documentation focuses on the last item: integrating with the technology part of Asmodee.net.

Getting Started

The platform is made of several pieces, depending on the level of integration that a game needs. We recommend that you browse through the various guides first to get the general picture. Then start with the REST API, it’s very easy. Note that we will have to provision your Studio on the platform, and upgrade your Asmodee.net account to Developer status. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by going to the sign-up page.

Make sure you start by reading the Getting Started article to start in the right direction with your design and your fundamental technical choices.



  • REST API: API to manage the Asmodee.net account and various App services. Start here if you feel like coding.
  • Scalable Server: API to implement online mulitplayer turn-based synchronous and asynchronous games.

Resources & SDKs

  • Unity SDK: discover our Unity SDK to talk to the Scalable Server (and make your life a breeze). Also provides a stripped-down version of the SDK if you are only interested in talking to the REST API and/or in using the account management part (login and sign-up).
  • The Asmodee.net Studio Manager: the platform back-office to provision your Apps, your Leaderboards, your Achievements, etc.


If you have any question, you can send it at support-dev@asmodee.net. This will open a ticket in our system and our engineers will answer promptly. If you have questions on different topics, prefer putting them into separate emails, since different topics might be covered by different engineers: REST API, Scalable Server, Unity SDK, Studio Manager, Cross-Promotion, SSO, etc.

You can (and should) also subscribe to the email newsletter by joining the Asmodee.net group on Google. We only send emails once in a while, with important updates and news, so we recommend that you subscribe to ALL emails.


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