Here is version 1.3.0 of the Unity SDK, and it’s a big one ! We have a lot of new features for cross-promotion !

Let’s see what’s new:

  • As you can see on the screenshot, we can now advertise products not yet released ! They appear with a “Coming Soon” button
  • The plugin now auto-detects the language the “channel” of your device and sends this info to retrieve products from the same store (AppStore on iOS, Google Play Store on Android, etc) and in the right language. Forget your old CrossPromoParameters.asset files! Note that the interface is not yet localised but this will come soon.
  • The plugin now supports caching of data. This is useful to save bandwidth (assets are only refreshed once every day) and when there is no connectivity at all. You can pre-download cache to ship with your game (warning: this will increase your binary size) as seen in this animation:

  • We added support for analytics. You simply subscribe to the AnalyticsEvent of the new AnalyticsManager and get a Dictionary with reported events. An example of use with the Amplitude SDK for Unity (excerpt from our sample):
private void Awake()
    Amplitude amplitude = Amplitude.Instance;
    amplitude.logging = false;
    amplitude.init(<insert your Amplitude API key here>);

    AnalyticsManager.Instance.AnalyticsEvent += Instance_AnalyticsEvent;

private void Instance_AnalyticsEvent(AnalyticsItem analyticsItem)
    Amplitude amplitude = Amplitude.Instance;
    amplitude.logEvent(analyticsItem.MetricName, analyticsItem.ToDictionary());
  • Miscellaneous: we fixed a few display bugs, renamed the tabs, added a dark background behind the popups to make them more readable, etc.

Make sure you download and update your plugin.

As always, we happily answer your questions or troubleshoot the plugin by mail, at

The Asmodee Digital team