Hello everyone,

The new SDK 5.0.0 is now available!


In this new version the Scalable Server communication stack has been completely rewritten from scratch!

You will not have to generate a specific message serializer in a separated DTO.dll anymore. We are now based on Protobuf C# and all transfer protocol is declared in *.proto files. This will help a lot the setup of new projects.

You may also be interested in SDK 5 if you need the latests features of the Scalable Server: we are up to date with the latest version of the communication protocol.

For a list of complete and detailed changes, please visit the Changelog page.

Usual recommendations

If you wish to upgrade your project from an old 4.x version, please follow the instructions here: Migration page.

And if you want to start a project from scratch, you can Get Started here.

For any request or question or comment, please send us an e-mail at support-dev@asmodee.net

The Asmodee Digital team